“I am not a glutton - I am an explorer of food” ― Erma Bombeck

Garlic Sour Dough Bread (v)

Smothered in garlic & herb butter then grilled to perfection.


Sultan's Spiced Turkish Bread (v)

Chermoula, Zorg & Feta cheese inside Turkish Bread. Oven-baked till crunchy & drizzled in Sumac oil.


Soup in a Bun

Ask our friendly Staff or Check the Special Board for today's Soup, served in a dug-out hard crusted Sour Dough Bun.


Grilled Tofu & Roasted Beetroot Salad (VG)

Drizzled in Balsamic Glaze, with a Lemon wedge.


Main $27.50

Crab Claw Filo Cigars

Filled with lightly pickled julienne of carrot & Cabbage, served with a fried Caper Mayonnaise & salad<em>.</em>


Smoked Chicken Caesar Salad

Croutons, Bacon, fresh Parmesan Cheese, Cos lettuce & homemade Aioli. Anchovies optional.


Main $25.50

Squid Tentacles (GF)

Marinated in Buttermilk & Spices then flash fried, served on a bed of salad with Mandarin infused Sour Cream.